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Make Money Giving Away Free Websites?

     I was told it cannot be done, make money on the internet by giving away free stuff. Well I have proven the skeptics wrong, and I make a pretty good living at it. You can too with little or no investment. The only cost you may incur is if you want a REAL top-level domain name and paid hosting to promote your freebies.
     The advantage to get a top-level domain and paid hosting is two-fold. One being you will have rights to the domain name for as long as you choose. Free web hosts offer you a sub-domain, which is fine until the free website host goes out of business or quits offering free web hosting. And all the effort you have spent promoting your website will be lost and you will have to start over. With it taking months to get listed on search engines like Google and Yahoo, this is very frustrating. The second advantage to a top-level domain name is external ads. A free website is ad supported, so you will have no control over ad placement and ad content. After all you want to make the money from the website, not the free web host provider.
     That being said, rest assured I am not trying to sell you anything. As a matter of fact I cut my teeth and learned website building by creating free websites just for fun. All I would recommend, is that if you want to save a little time, go ahead and get a real website. Hosting costs these days are cheap, with a website at Go-Daddy can cost as little as $4.25 a month and the domain name will only be $1.99!
     Ok, enough of that, let's make some money giving away free websites! The links on the left column will lead you to pages that will explain how to make money from each individual free web hosting provider. There are only a few companies that will pay you to give away free websites with NO investment. There is absolutely no cost to sign up and it is free to join any of the affiliate programs I recommend.
     Another way to make good money is by promoting an online casino. There are various casino affiliate programs out there and casino sites come in a few different shapes and forms. Many of the older casino sites have been more in the format of a portal. A new concept of an online casino site you can find where the webmaster integrates the casino games from the various casino providers. All the links to the casinos have an affiliate tag whereby the webmaster of the site gets a cut from the players he refers to the various gaming providers.

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